Josh Rueff and his wife Lacy after returning from travels in South America.

Joshua Bashan "Josh" Rueff (born July 9, 1985) is an American writer, digital marketer, SEO, poet, world traveler, and inventor who has written books and essays focused on writing, minimalist living and theologic matters from the Judeo-Christian perspective. He has been a blogger for Golden Ratio ContentLiving Apex and Career Addict, and he is currently the head of editorial operations at Golden Ratio Content; a team of freelance copywriters and SEO engineers. Rueff is the author of 3 books including two nonfiction books, Rock Paper Root, Minimalist Living in Ancient and Modern Culture, and a children's poetry collection in the writing genre of literary nonsense, Periwinkle Yetis and the Yvinosiop.

Early LifeEdit

Rueff was born in Springfield, Missouri, the oldest of four children of Marty and Belita Rueff. He is of German, Native American, Scottish and African American descent. He grew up in the city of Rochester New York, and was raised as a Non-Denominational Christian.

At 7, he started his first business, selling fishing bait on the roadside. In junior high, he sold submarine sandwiches to his classmates, and started selling online. He graduated from Cornerstone Christian Academy in 2003 and from Baker University in 2014.

While going to night classes and taking online classes full time, he started and ran a small copywriting business, which eventually grew into a full service digital marketing agency (Golden Ratio Content).

Career Edit

Pre-Military Service Edit

Before college, at 16 years old Rueff worked under the table as a landscaper, and his first official job was as a cook at McDonalds. On the side he began his first of many entrepreneurial ventures selling subs in his school. In the month of December 2003, he graduated high school and left home to join the United States Marine Corps. At 17, he needed the consent and signature of his parents, who reluctantly agreed.

Service in the United States Marine Corps Edit

Over a period of 4 and half years, he managed from a team of 2-4 (in his first year), to an entire platoon in subsequent years, molding the intricacies of the group process into a disciplined, efficient system. Additionally, he lead 4 teams of 20 personnel in a Marine Corps Special Forces company. He was deployed to numerous place throughout the world, including Cuba, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Guam, and multiple combat zones including Iraq during "Operation Iraqi Freedom." He extended his contract voluntarily for six additional months to stay in Iraq.

Education Edit

Shortly after being honorably discharged, he began school and work full-time, working at a warehouse in Kansas City Kansas and pursuing a degree at Johnson County Community College and Baker University. Although quickly promoted to Operations Manager he soon became disillusioned with the dead-end nature of the warehouse position, and left the company to gain experience as a Financial Advisor at Northwestern Mutual. He saw this as one of the most eye-opening experiences of his business life; "I didn't enjoy the face to face sales aspect as much as the copywriting" he said, "but I wouldn't trade what I learned from the consulting aspects of the job for anything... lack of rigid hierarchal management at Northwestern Mutual allowed me to get a more permanent taste for the roller coaster ride of marketing and consulting, and I've never looked back. The transformational leadership present at that company was phenomenal, and for the first time in my life, I learned to lead not by controlling, but by serving. The more I help, the more I get helped — it's just how life works in general I guess."

Rueff graduated from Baker University with Summa Cum Laude honors in 2014.

Golden Ratio Content Edit

Equipped with the new-found knowledge of leadership and sales structure, he set out in 2013 to create a full service digital marketing agency, known today as Golden Ratio Content. This group of digital marketers, copywriters and SEO engineers creates and maintains websites, blogs, social media and online magazines across the internet.

Books Edit

Non-fiction Edit

  • Minimalist Living in Ancient and Modern Culture
  • Root

Poetry Collections Edit

  • Periwinkle Yeti's and the Yvinosiop
  • The Re-Awakening of the Riddle